Billie's book club book: Clementine Florentine by Tasha Harrison
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Billie's book club book: Clementine Florentine by Tasha Harrison

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Join Billie for our second ever youngun's book club. We loved our first one so much we've decided to crack on with another fabulous book.

Let's read something inspirational then meet to discuss our feelings and thoughts on the book with peers.

An ingenious 'reverse Parent Trap', this illustrated comedy centres Clementine and her school nemesis Callum, who have to join forces to break their respective parents up - before they fall in lurrrve and Clementine and Callum end up as siblings! It's extra high-pressure because they both have a talent for poetry, and are determined to be the best writer. But then an unlikely friendship with an ageing punk icon - along with her chatty pet parrot Viv - helps Clem to start seeing things differently.

Imagine a female Tom Gates, with a touch of a young Adrian Mole and the warmth of Jacqueline Wilson, and you've got Clementine Florentine!

Reading is a gift! Opening up a discussion about a book with a peer is something I believe encourages deeper understanding of ourselves, confidence and love of language. I believe reinforcing a shared passion for reading amongst children will give them tools to face obstacles and challenges later in life :)

Your copy of the book includes a free ‘Billie’s book club’ bookmark. Select 'local pickup' or 'local delivery' to avoid shipping charges!

If you want a copy of the book and entry into our book club meet up please add both items to your basket, we separated them out to include those readers who wanted to read but not join in the group, or wanted to join in the club but may already have the book!

We have three date options this time, to give the groups some space.  We encourage parents to join the session - but a drop and go is totally fine if you need to dash. There will be staff on hand for parents to purchase coffees and teas!