Kayuragi Mikan Orange incense (40 sticks and holder)
Kayuragi Mikan Orange incense (40 sticks and holder)
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Kayuragi Mikan Orange incense (40 sticks and holder)

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Kayuragi Mikan Orange incense is a fresh and fruity incense produced in Japan by Nippon Kodo.

Mikan oranges are best known in other parts of the world as satsumas. The oil used to make the incense is obtained from the skin of the mikan oranges and it’s zesty, fruity and uplifting. This is a good choice of incense to burn when you need an energy boost or want to feel uplifted. 

The Mikan Orange incense comes in a brightly coloured paulownia wood box, along with a mini ceramic incense stick holder. This makes it a great set to buy as a gift to introduce someone to the joy of incense. 

The brand name Kayuragi is an apt brand name as Ka means ‘fragrance’ and yuragi means ‘slowly wafting scented smoke.’

The incense sticks are a lovely colour and match the vibrant design on the paulownia wood box that they come in. The box design is inspired by the colours of traditional Japanese kimono fabric. If you’re new to burning incense, then the Kayuragi range is useful to choose to start your incense journey, as each pack comes with a small ceramic incense stick holder – so you can literally open the pack and get going, without having to worry about buying an incense holder separately.