Myroo Cleanser + cloth set: orange blossom

Myroo Cleanser + cloth set: orange blossom

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 4 Key Skin Benefits

Cleanses without stripping, leaving skin refreshed and nourished.

Double sided cloth, gently exfoliates, encouraging brighter, fresher skin. 

Supports your skin's barrier function for a healthy and brighter glow.

Super effective, even removes waterproof make-up for clearer, happier skin.

Certified vegan and cruelty free.

Plastic free.

Nut free.

Non irritating, fragrance free, super gentle and suitable for all skin types including sensitive and allergy prone skin. 

We suggest a patch test for new products, if you have reactive skin. 

For best results use up to twice daily. We recommend a double cleanse each time.

Massage 3-4 pumps all over the face and neck.

Dampen the cloth with warm water and gently wipe the cleanser off.

Follow with Myroo Facial Serum.