Myroo Super Boost drops
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Myroo Super Boost drops

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Choose from 3 different super boost drops: BRIGHTENING blackberry, CALMING marula, PROTECTIVE buriti. 13ml size. 

BRIGHTENING blackberry:

Standout levels of Vitamin C, + Omega 3, 6, tackles blotchy, uneven skin tone.

 Deeply nourishes to leave skin glowing.

 Non irritating, fragrance free and gentle.

 Suits all skin types.

CALMING marula:

Rich in Omega 6+9, vitamins C+E

Soothes and nourishes troubled skin.

Supports and rejuvenates damaged skin barrier.

Helps skin retain moisture.

Fragrance Free

Suits all skin types.


High levels of vitamin A, fatty acids +
beta carotene.

Powerful antioxidant.

Supports skin and defends against environmental challenges.

Ideal for skin exposed to pollution, blue light and weather.

Fragrance Free

Suits all skin types.